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What is TerraClean Engine Cleaning?

  • TerraClean engine cleaning is a different form of engine carbon cleaning to the usual "pour in" solutions.
  • TerraClean provides cleaning to the important post-combustion parts of your car's fuel and exhaust system.
  • TerraClean engine carbon cleaning uses a highly refined fuel that is run through your car's engine using one of our specially designed engine cleaning units.
  • TerraClean is the only engine carbon cleaning system that has two stages of cleaning; The first stage cleans the injection system and inlet valves. This restores the functionality of the fuel injectors and pressure regulators, resulting in improved fuel pressure, timing and atomisation. As a result, the injected fuel will burn cleaner thus reducing the amount of hydrocarbons present in exhaust gases. The second part of the TerraClean process involves aliphatic fuel - a fuel that has a loose molecular structure, making it easier to burn or, as is in this case, convert to vapour.
  • The TerraClean machine changes the aliphatic fuel to a vapour, which is passed through your car's engine. This vapour attracts exhaust gasses and, when mixed, the carbon present in the exhaust gasses combine to form carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is expelled through your exhaust system.

A cleaner engine allows your car to function more efficiently and quietly, with increased fuel efficiency and a reduction in dangerous exhaust emissions.

Terraclean DPF Cleaning

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device that is installed in the exhaust system of all diesel cars to "capture" harmful soot/diesel particles in the car's exhaust gases. DPFs self-clean through a process called "re-generation".

This happens under particular driving conditions, with the particles being emitted from the DPF, leaving only a small ashy residue. Sensors in the DPF unit communicate your car's ECU to determine when the DPF needs to regenerate itself.

Unfortunately, DPFs do not always regenerate when they should. This can be because the required driving conditions have been unavailable or for technical reasons. If the DPF fills beyond a certain point, sensors in the DPF will send a message to the car's ECU, which in turn will trigger the DPF warning light on your dashboard. Leaving the DPF to continue to fill can result in your car not driving properly until the issue is resolved.

A standard Terraclean cleaning service will help to remove particles from the DPF, but to truely clean out your DPF, you can bring your car to Southampton Car Performance Centre Ltd to have a specialist Terraclean DPF cleaning service. We use Terraclean's industry leading equipment to remove the accumulated particles and restore the DPF's effective performance.

Given that a replacement DPF for a standard family car can stray above the £1000 mark, Terraclean DPF Cleaning proves a cost effective way to keep your DPF regenerating and your car running.

Terraclean EGR Valve Cleaning

In a standard internal combustion engine, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is an emissions reduction technique used to help modern cars meet stringent emissions limits.

Nitrogen Oxide is created during combustion in an engine. This gas is partially recirculated from your car's exhaust gases back into the engines combustion chambers through the EGR valve. Due to its inert nature, Nitrogen Oxide can absorb some of the other, more dangerous, emissions from the combustion process. Having the Nitrogen Oxide present in the combustion chamber can inhibit the production pollutants.

The EGR Valve can become clogged and blocked by residue from the car's emissions as they pass through or over the EGR valve entry. As this residue builds up, your car's engine performance can be reduced as the Nitrogen Oxide cannot pass through the EGR valve back into the engine's combustion chamber. This can be cleaned - thus restoring the performance of your car - by using Terraclean's specialist EGR cleaning equipment.

For more information on our DPF and EGR Terraclean cleaning services, please call us on 023 8066 7107 or send us a message using our Online Contact Form.

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