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What is Diagnostic Testing?

Car Diagnostic Testing is a procedure that can help us to diagnose issues with the electronic systems of your car.

Have you ever had a system warning light appear on your dashboard unexpectedly?

This will have been triggered by your car engine's Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Modern cars generally have a number of ECUs to manage the multitude of electronic systems including Engine, Braking, Lighting, Traction Control and Airbag systems. These ECUs are connected to a network of sensors which monitor the vital signs of all these systems. If an ECU detects an incorrect reading from one or more of its sensors, it will trigger the relevant warning light on your dashboard and store any fault codes in its memory.

By connecting our state of the art Car Engine Diagnostics tools to your car's ECUs we can download the error messages stored within. These messages are usually in the form of a sequence of numbers. Our diagnostics tools are able to match these numbers (error codes), to their meaning, and armed with this information we are able to start trying to rectify the problem which initially triggered the System Warning Light.

We use top of the range Snap On Diagnostic equipment to help us perform the highest quality of Diagnostics Testing on your car

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You can book your Car Diagnostics Test now using our new Online Booking System at the top of this page by simply clicking "Book Now". Follow the onscreen directions to enter your details. You will then be asked to choose a Date and Time to bring your car in for its Diagnostic Test. On confirmation of your booking, it will be entered directly into our diary and you will receive an email confirming the details.

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For more information on our Car Engine Diagnostics Testing please send us a message using our Online Contact Form or alternatively, give us a ring on 023 8066 7107.

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